About Us

   How did we get started selling? It all started back in early 2008 due to the loss of a job. My husband and I started selling off some things around the house including some of his video games. The video games did great we thought why not sell more. We would go around to garage sales, pawn shops and even eBay lots, looking for the games that we knew were popular and would sell well.

  So how did we go from selling video games to crafts? It was getting tiresome trying to keep a constant supply of video games in stock since many were old games that were hard to find. I've always been an avid crafter and purchased many patterns and kits on eBay. I thought why not sell something I know about so the first company we contacted was one of my favorite designers, Lizzie Kate. Alan told me what I needed to get a wholesale account up and running. We got a tax ID number and became an official business! 

   In 2011 we started selling on Etsy and a platform called Tophatter. The former startedto change the way they did business so we stopped selling on Tophatter after 2 years and started looking for other avenues.

  In 2014 we started selling craft supplies and board games on Amazon. It's hard to compete with Amazon when it come to prices. We focused on Etsy with more niche products that you couldn't find on Amazon. Since then, we have been migrating away from other selling platforms and now, finally have our own website! It's a constant work in progress so be sure to check back and let me know if you see something that isn't working right :) Thanks for stopping by!



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